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First Aid Kit B 1002278 Pack of 1 HS1 KIT B recommended minimum contents as per Approved Code Of Practice (ACOP42) for First Aid at Work Guidance up to 10 employees in low hazard environment First aid guidance leaflet 20 x Individually wrapped plasters 6 x Medium sterile dressings 2 x Large sterile dressings 4 x Calico triangu...
Inc Vat £14.87
W/C Fabric Plasters 7X2.5 1210025 Pk150 Pack of 1 One size: 70x24mm Quantity 150
Inc Vat £8.77
W/C Fabric Plasters Asstd 1210024 Pack of 1 3 Assorted sizes, oblong Quantity 150
Inc Vat £6.91
WC Rfl For P/proof Kits 1036105 Pack of 1 Refill pack for Wallace Cameron pilferproof first aid kits Contains: Washproof Assorted Plasters Pk20 x2, Triangular Bandage Non Woven Non Sterile x6, Bag Containing 2 Pairs Flesh Med Gloves x2, Alcohol Free Wipe - Multi Lingual x10, Guidance Card Multi Lingual x1, Large Dressing 18 X 18cm x3, Safe...
Inc Vat £12.48
WC Bambino First Aid Kit 1002332 Pack of 1 Ideal for the small office or rest room where no special risks are present Semi-automatic ABS case Can be wall-mounted or free-standing Case measures WxDxH: 265x85x245mm 1 - 5 Person First aid guidance leaflet Individually wrapped plasters 20 (waterproof) Large sterile dressings 3 Calico tri...
Inc Vat £17.33
First Aid Kit C 1002279 Pack of 1 HS2 KIT C, recommended for workplaces of up to 20 employees First aid guidance leaflet 40 x Individually wrapped plasters 9 x Medium sterile dressings 3 x Large sterile dressings 6 x Calico triangular bandage 12 x Safety Pins 10 x Individually wrapped alcohol-free wipes 4 x Disposable gloves...
Inc Vat £19.20
WC Mezzo Dispenser - 20 person 1002216 Pack of 1 Mezzo HS1 20 Person Kit Made from polypropylene styled in a clear aqua colour Uniquely designed so the inserts can be moved to create different size spaces. Can be used free-standing or wall-mounted (comes complete with fixing kit) 1 x First Aid guidance leaflet 40 x Individually wrapped plaster...
Inc Vat £24.88
WC Saline Pods 5ml pack 10 2404096 Pack of 1 Refill minipods for use with the Premier Eyewash Kit 1ml Packed 20
Inc Vat £6.40
Fabrc Pilferprf Plster Rfl Pk150 1202006 Pack of 1 For Premier Pilferproof Kits Quantity 150 Size: 760x25mm
Inc Vat £15.91
W/C Large Sterile Dressings PK6 1402022 Pack of 1 Dressings prevent infections by stopping foreign bodies from entering the wound and assist the blood clotting process Sterile, non-adherent pad with extra long, fast edged conforming bandage with a 5 year shelf life
Inc Vat £5.32
W/C Hs1 Pilferproof F/Aid Kit 1002280 Pack of 1 HS1 pilferproof dispenser Recommended for workplace of up to 10 people First aid guidance leaflet 70 x Individually wrapped plasters (waterproof) 6 x Medium sterile dressings 2 x Large sterile dressings 4 x Calico triangular bandage 12 x Safety Pins 10 x Alcohol-free wipes 2 x Eye Pads 1 x...
Inc Vat £38.12
WC Alcohol Free Wipes pk 100 1602014 Pack of 1 Refill for Bambino Plaster & Wipe Dispenser 24 alcohol-free wipes Also compliments other green box or Mezzo first aid kits
Inc Vat £5.76
W/C W/Proof Plasters 1212020 Pk150 Pack of 1 Assortment of 150 waterproof dressings 3 Assorted sizes, oblong
Inc Vat £5.24
WC Piccolo Travel Kit 1018049 Pack of 1 One man travel kit contains: First aid guidance leaflet 10 individually wrapped plasters 1 large sterile dressing 1 calico triangular bandage 2 safety pins 6 individually wrapped alcohol-free wipes Pair of disposable gloves
Inc Vat £11.17
WC Mezzo Eyewash Dispenser 1006084 Pack of 1 Mezzo dispenser complies with HSE regulations and includes additional recommended HSE items Rapid response is required for any eye injuries sustained in the workplace One clip easy opening Dustproof lid Comes with wall fixings 2 x 500ml eyewash 1 x eye pad 2 x 20ml steriflow pods 1 x ultra s...
Inc Vat £16.28
Green Box 50 Person 1002335 Pack of 1 The traditional green box offering HSE standard compliance Supplied complete with wall bracket 1 x First Aid guidance leaflet 60 x Individually wrapped plasters 12 x Medium sterile dressings 4 x Large sterile dressings 8 x Triangular bandages 12 x Safety Pins 20 x Individually wrapped alcoho...
Inc Vat £30.25
WC 500ml Eyewash Pk 2 2404039 Pack of 1 Refill for Mezzo Eyewash Dispenser Rapid response is required for any eye injuries sustained in the workplace 2 x 500ml eyewash
Inc Vat £3.41
WC Micropore Tape 25mm x 5m 2005020 Pack of 1 Suitable for securing dressing pads in place over the wound area Size: 25mmx5m
Inc Vat £1.01
WC Emergency Eyewash Station 2402028 Pack of 1 Complete with two 500ml bottles of eyewash Can be wall mounted WxDxH: 206x49x205mm
Inc Vat £24.68
WC Disposable Cold Pack 3601011 Pack of 1 A chemically activated pack allowing instant cooling to soothe aches and sprains Disposable, throw away after use
Inc Vat £1.31
WC Safety Pins Asst PK36 4823012 Pack of 1 Approximately 36 safety pins Assorted sizes Complements any first aid kit
Inc Vat £1.27
Astroplast Van & Truck Kit 1020107 Pack of 1 Recommended for travelling employees Complete with wall bracket Alcohol Free Wipes 6 Conforming bandage 2 Eyewash pods 20ml 5 Fingerstalls 2 Gloves (pair) 2 Guidance leaflet 1 Large dressing 1 Microporous tape 1 Non Adherent dressings 5 Safety pins 12 Scissors 1 Triangular bandages 2 W...
Inc Vat £25.99
WC Wproof Plasters 72x25mm PK150 1212043 Pack of 1 Plasters - Washproof One Size - 70x24mm Box of 150
Inc Vat £5.87
W/C Eye Dressings PK6 1402023 Pack of 1 Eye pad attached to an extended bandage applying no pressure on the eye Packed 6
Inc Vat £3.88
W/C Triangular Bandages PK6 1805017 Pack of 1 Hard-wearing bandages A compliance dressing Used to immobilise, support and protect arms, shoulders and ribs Non-frayed edges Reusable Packed 6
Inc Vat £5.27
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